After years as a successful record company executive I wanted more…

singer and guitar playerAfter years as a successful record company executive I wanted more. I wanted to make an even bigger impact in the arts, I wanted a family, I wanted more creative collaborations, I wanted more involvement in the community. Social good was on my mind. I wanted change.

I was already well known as a branding expert creating marketing plans for Mary J Blige, Kris Kross, Ziggy Marley, Supercat, En Vogue, Gerald Levert, The Fugees, Busta Rhymes. During my tenures at Sony and Elektra, I cut my teeth with projects from Sade, Michael Jackson and Alexander O’Neal.  I knew my shit. But I wanted more.

So I began creating collaborative and innovative programs that combined my love for marketing and branding with my desire to do social good and bring about change. I wanted to create ongoing experiences that would have an impact and build relationships that would last.

I wanted to be able to work with and manage artists and brands and design creative programs and collaborations that would allow both to shine.

Karen Marie Mason |•a•creative•change•agency| was born. Welcome.


The Karen Marie Mason |•a•creative•change•agency| recognizes that the definition of insanity is doing things the same way and expecting different results.

The paradigm has shifted. We have created a legacy of building and implementing campaigns that are different, against the grain yet successful and impactful. We get excited about working with artists, brands and companies that want to do good, support causes, engage their fans and usher in change. If you are about creating bold and effective campaigns and collaborations, long lasting experiences and innovative programs that produce social impact and ultimately societal change then we are your agency.

Artist & Project Management

Artist management is about strategic partnerships; precise positioning and the creation of multiple streams of income. We specialize in all of this. Worldwide.


Effective marketing strategies propel artist and brand to elevated levels. Visionary events, branded content strategies and creativity is our focus but ultimately social good and change is our goal.


Karen Marie Mason |a•creative•change•agency| Let’s redefine and sweeten your marketing strategy with the development of new products and services that provide innovative solutions and bold strategies that create experiences, relationships and loyalty.

Work With Me

Having talent…
That’s just the beginning

artist launch

Artist Launch

Artist Launch 2015 is a 4 week program that takes you step by step from conception to manifestation of your new music and shows you how take your career to the next level. Whether you have released music in the past or this is your debut release, Artist Launch 2015 will outline the entire process from soup to nuts; from idea to digital release and everything in between. We’ve studied all the new apps and platforms. We cover copyright, publishing, licensing. You don’t have to that part of the work. We’ve done it for you. We will show you how to develop multiple streams of income and how to set up your structure to monetize and receive.

Money Grows In Streams – Free Webinar

money grows in streamsThere are over 60 streams of income (so far) according to the Music Business Association. Some are focused on the artist, others on the singer, others on the publishers, etc. As a DIY artist you are often all of the above. So you need to know how to get your paper. Your money. This course is designed to show you how.

Release It!

Releasing your music should not be complicated.  You’ve already spent
hours in the studio perfecting your craft so the last thing you want it a
long process before your can get your music to your fans.  In this course
we show you how to simply the process of releasing your music, building
your fan base and monetizing your art.


Spend some one on one time where focus can be given to a specific problem or just simply gain more clarity on your project and direction as an artist. Click here to register: After you register you will be contacted to schedule a time for your consultation. A recording of the consultation will be provided after the call.




Get advice and industry tips from Karen Marie Mason.

The Music Business is Not What It Use To Be and This is a Good Thing
October 6, 2015  /  By Karen Marie Mason in Music Business

This is by far the greatest time to be an artist, a musician, a composer, a producer or any of the support services that an artist needs to thrive (PR, Marketing, Social Media Manager) in this business of music. The major record business went from a 30 billion dollar business to a 15 billion dollar business in less than 10 years and they haven’t recovered yet. Once platinum artists are now considered marginally successful if they sell a mere 50k to100k and the uncertainty in the future has many people worried. However you should see it as an opportunity.

more details


Contact KMM if you are interested in one or more of the services we offer.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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