Karen Marie Mason
Marketing Strategist
Karen Is A Visionary and a Great Idea Person
~ Sylvia Rhone: President, Epic Records
Karen Has the Ability to Execute the Plan and Make It Work
~ Multi-platinum artist B Real of Cypress Hill
Make Money Making Music

Karen Marie MasonMake a Living From Your Music


...and spend your days doing what you love

That’s the DREAM, right?

A lot of artists over-complicate the process, not realizing that they can make a sweet living from their art. They spend years frustrated because they just don’t know where to begin. Assuming that it’s rocket science, they become overwhelmed with the effort they make to understand the process. And what’s more? They’re disillusioned when they see artists getting famous, and making it look so easy.

I’m here to take the frustration out of profiting from your art. Making money from your music is easier than you think.

This is your time.


Make Money Making Music Academy is an exclusive, systematic program that teaches you to:
  • * DEFINE, reach and rock your fans
  • * MONETIZEyour art
  • * SELL and DISTRIBUTE MUSIC – online and offline
  • * MAKE real MONEY with your music
  • * Use SOCIAL MEDIA effectively
  • * FOCUS your musical energy
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  • * Build your fanbase with a click of a button
  • * Turn first-time listeners into loyal fans
  • * Go on tour (without even leaving your home town)

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